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Jade Reapers 8th Birthday party TRIVIA info
« on: July 03, 2014, 08:48:33 pm »
Hello  everyone,

Read this and use it for our JD Birthday party trivia.

This is a story about Jade Reapers: How / When was the guild created and what was our main goal.
Jade Reapers was founded in July 2006.

Jade Reapers was created out of a small friends guild named: South Coast Warriors [SCW].
 We started with a few friends, we all played Black Hawk Down with our clan SCW.
So it was obviously that the guilds name would become SCW.

After a while my friends stopped playing and I was left alone with  tons of new friends in our guild.
That’s when I took a drastic decision. Lets change our guild name! No lets change everything!
New Name, New Logo , Website.
We were in for a big change.
Problem was at that point as SCW we had 600.000 Faction points. This was at the beginning of factions. So we had these points only threw Alliance Battles. We all knew how long it took to get into Alliance Battles as Kurzick back then..

At that point we were in a BIG alliance which hold a outpost on the kurzick side.
The Alliance leader was very disappointed that we were going to restart.

I promised him that our new guild The Jade Reapers will have factions in no time.
Sadly he didn’t believe me… We left / got  kicked.

Renamed our guild and invited all old members of SCW.
Of course we lost a few members on the way.. but 2 weeks later.. we were already on the same amount of factions as when we disbanded our old guild.
The alliance leader wanted us back in of course.. which I happily declined  .
We kept on growing and growing not only in factions but also in numbers.

This is were everything started for the Jade Reapers.
Few months later our guild was full with 99/100 members.
Our factions points crossed the 1million boarder line.

We all know what happened next. Hero Fast Faction Farm.
This should be seen as Jade Reapers best years in Guild Wars 1.
Jade Reapers had House Zu Heltzer for months in a strong alliance.
We even started our Own alliance and got to House Zu Heltzer.
Our Factions points were at that point over 12million.
Then it was time for a change.

Our members farmed so much Kurzick factions points…
Jade Reapers turned towards the Luxon side.
We did this just so our members could get there luxon faction Title.
Sadly we lost over 20-30 members doing this.
But within weeks we were in the Cavalon alliance.
I must admit we never felt at home.. with a guild as ANY…
This guild always gave us a hard time...

So we did what we had to do farm points and move on.
As soon as we all had our max titles we moved back to the Kurzick side.
Old members re-joined us and we restated back into the kurzick society .

DSC we all remember that right? Drazach speed clear.
We started again with full JD teams with 8 players.
80k factions per run!
At some point DSC was nerfed, like most of the things in Guild wars.

We already knew Guild wars 2 was on its way.
So we started laidback and helping people to get there Hall of monuments full.
Waiting  for what is coming and what we are enjoying so much right now Guild wars 2!
Best regards,

Evil Bruticus  - Jade Reapers Leader -
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Re: Jade Reapers 8th Birthday party TRIVIA info
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2014, 08:53:23 pm »
Use this for the JD Trivia at our birthday party.

Jade Reapers and its community events:

In Guild wars 1 Jade Reapers was known for its community events.

Every year we had 3 Big community events.

Jade Reapers Birthday party

We started doing this after a lot of fun we had in Lions arch at Wintersday in 2007.
We all had fun with random players from all sorts of guilds and servers.
This made me think.. Why not announce big events and make it a community event.

After that it went fast.
I had a lot of people in JD backing me up.
First Community event was in 2008.
JD Easter party.

After that we followed with JD Halloween party and JD Christmas party.
JD Easter party got deleted in 2009 and replaced with a party in July.
Jade Reapers Birthday party.
Why did I came up with a birthday party?  It seemed like fun!
But there is a story behind it.
 In July there was the dragon festival.
This was always the first weekend of July in GW 1 we all know that this festival was a perfect farm fest.
So a core group of Reapers started farming like mad.
This was so that a week later ( Jade Reapers is created on the 13th of July) We had all the stuff we needed to celebrate our birthday party.
We still kept doing all the Community events till the end of Guild Wars 1.

Now with Guild Wars 2 out we still keep on doing our community events.
We love to do it and we cant live without it anymore!

Best Regards,

Evil Bruticus  - Jade Reapers Leader -