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Intro and JD info
« on: July 30, 2012, 10:29:24 pm »
Hey guys,

Since we got our new website up and running we will have new members arriving soon.

Lets all introduce ourselfs again!

So people know who we are.

About me:
My name is Ben Stroeven.
I was born in the Netherlands at 14-7-1982 in the awesome town of Utrecht!
I have a lovely girlfriend and i hope to ask her hand soon :D
Got my own lovely appartment and a nice car and 3 Cats Mickey, Minnie and Figaro :D

Well now more about Jade Reapers and how it was created!

I created Jade Reapers bout 9 years ago.

Jade Reapers was created because our old friends guild SCW (south coast warriors) got to big and the name did not fit the guild and members anymore. Since nobody came from the south coast.. the name didnt fit anymore  :P

Jade  Reapers started as a Faction farm guild. Farming factions was our main goal and we did it only by doing Alliance Battles. Of course this was extremly hard but with hard work we still had around 700k Factions.

JD kept on growing and growing. At some point the guild was full and we had over 40 active members online at daily base.

The glory days of JD were with the FFF and HFFF period.
We created own alliance and owned all outposts in the game and joined the biggest alliance and then owned HZH for over a year.

  • JD was 1 of the best Faction guilds in the game with great Players.
  • JD owned Cavalon and HZH for some time in a alliance.
  • People wanted to join JD just to max there kurzick title.
  • JD was one of kind with a lot of events and huge parties!
  • Faction events were a complete succes and people donated over 200k a day just to win prizes :D
  • At 1 point JD had over 15mil factions solo as guild.
  • JD was loved by many and also cursed by many!

I hope that we can claim the same fame in GW 2 like we had in Guild wars.

Jade Reapers was and still is 1 of the best PVE guilds in the GAME! i dont wanna sound arrogant, but i just think we are!

We kicked ass! we owned! and we can still do it if we want to!

I want to thank everybody for all the fun we had in Guildwars! Everybody that helped made JD a TOP guild!

Thank you all for your help , support and devotion!

Love you all <3

Evil Bruticus.

(PS. Im sorry about the typing mistakes :D)
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Re: Intro and JD info
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2012, 10:35:41 pm »
It would be very nice and polite if you all add your info and tell something good or funny memories about Jade Reapers.

Thank you.
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Re: Intro and JD info
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2012, 11:37:41 pm »
About me:
My name is Ivica Sertić, age 22.
I was born in Croatia. My hometown is the beautiful baroque city Varaždin.
I study in Zagreb on FACULTY OF SCIENCE, UNIVERSITY OF ZAGREB on the study program Physics and Informatics.
Im in a happy relationship for already 5 years and hope it never ends :P

I've started programming at the age of 12 and started with web development around 2006. after that i just kept striving to be better and better learning everything there is :P

Around 2006. i also started with heavy gaming in FPS games like Call of Duty series, managed and played in a successful clan wich was one of the Europe Top 10 (rly pround on that).

Me and Jade Reapers:
I will never forget when i heard few friends talking about some game..."come lets kill the dragon"..."wth are this cats?!?" and me wondering "wtf are they playing"...and yes i ended up buying the game and playing it like crazy...talkin about Guild Wars here if you didnt realize by now :P

And so i played and played and then around 2008. i saw this big guy shouting that Jade Reapers are recruiting and decided to join them.

Few months after i joined i created the first Jade Reapers website and after that spent my time improving it...and this what you are browsing right now is the result of it :)

I will never forget the amout of online players and the amount of factions and i wont ever forget the golden age of JD....15mil Factions...the constantly shouting "HuzZaH!", the fun, guild runs, guild events and helpfulness of JD players. I achived GWaMM and 50/50 in the JD and with the JD.

I think i can freely say that Jade Reapers made Guild Wars an unforgettable experience and i know JD is ment for more and we are going to prove that to you in Guild Wars 2, we ended GW1 with a bang (huge town events for everybody) and we will return with a bang...Tyria is waiting for us ;)

Can i hear it once more? HuZzAh!!!!
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Re: Intro and JD info
« Reply #3 on: July 31, 2012, 12:54:53 am »
  :P Yo..


I am Callan Maart, male, age 22. I currently make dubstep and drum 'n bass for releases with On A Break Records or as freebies through Red Bull Studios Cape Town.

Gaming wise, I'm part of the old classic arcade fighter breed, having spent my early years in arcades playing things like Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat 3 and King of Fighters 98 (which I still play every now and then).


I messed around a lot in my first few months playing but started getting more and more interested in faction farming since I was really loving the Alliance Battles at the time. After being in a few faction farming guilds I found myself joining [JD] and from there we went on to take Kurzick House Zu Heltza and Luxon Cavalon.

Had many funtimes with [JD] - maxed out both my Kurzick and Luxon titles here, got my GWaMM and 50/50, had massive fun running MQSC/DTSC maintaining 15-20mil faction a day and will never forget the naked Jade Quary syncing hehe. Pretty much grew up here as this guild has seen me through my last few highschool years and college.

All things considered..

We've done awesome things, and had a real good time in the process. Now we get to do it all over again for GW2 hehehehe  ;D ;D ;D
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Re: Intro and JD info
« Reply #4 on: July 31, 2012, 01:46:58 pm »

WaZaa, i am  Ian ward born in England, aged 25 now soon to be 26 on 10/09 ^^
been in a relationship for nearly 10 years now, also farther to 2 young boys named Wez & Cameron
pretty much spend my days playing games, wrestling with the kids playing football etc...
aint had a full time job in nearly 3 years due to durka durka taking all the local jobs ;p
been playing games since i was like 4.. Nintento, Marioooooo ftw etc..and now my kids are learning from the grandmaster ^^, and truly are becoming some evil little games...they'v give some of the best CoD players a run anyway ;p

Guildwars & The Jade Reapers [JD]

I started Guildwars a year after launch, was given my account by my brother who'd had it since launch and had bought a new one (O.C.D ftl bro ;p ^^) man i remember playing my first few weeks, i spent my whole time in pre-ascalon and actually thought it was the whole game :\...made all the pro noob mistakes...was told black dyes where worth loads, so finaly got a drop and went sprinting to the merch ^^
only after i'd sold it, i was like, "heyyy how come i've only got like 1g"...LOL

Soo i finally learned that pre wasnt the whole deal...and ventured out into the unknown ^^...made my way to the Fire Isles w00t, but not alone, i'd found another new player and we joined up, actually made a guild which i lead..Fates Score Keepers [FsK] it was great having a guildhall that was all mine cost me 20k or summot  (lol wots the price for that seal thing agen :\)...

Then came factions and nightfall, bought them just 3-4 weeks after started playing, but by now i'd finished Proph soo needed more adventure..factions was like wtf, this is hard, they hurt more... found this epic looking guy (primevil armor) to help me do some otugh missions, vizunah? well this guy was called Chaos Freedom, i bugged him everyday to help me ( sorry mate ;p), but even now, things where still a bit meh... i had a guild, with like 10 poeople in it...all about 0-10 yrs old it seemed ;\ and an empty guildhall... THIS IS'NT WHAT GUILDWARS IS ABOUT QQQQQQQ

So ( you need read Tiegers intro i guess, to find out how he came across [JD] ) i eventually closed that fail train down and accepted my bro's invite to Jade Reapers where the fun really began ^^

I joined during the early days of FFF, and i mean early, since there was still alot of AB going on, i ran my fat ass warrior all the way to lutgardis and was patiently taught how to FFF..i didnt start off too great, but t became alot easyer as i really started to learn about skills, actvations, effects  etc etc this was the 1st MMORPG i'd ever played and it all seemed alot to take in..up until now i'd literally just been playing for fun and that was i could actualy achieve summot and still have fun ^^ eventually mastering that shiz, running to any point without many feck ups at all ;p

We soon needed more faction, as we'd been in like every decent alliance ther is/was, and it was time to not follow...But Lead!!! and the days of mqsc started.... without fail i was the best at this, setting flawless wallow/beach & yeti runs on my 1st try' i rite or wah?? lmfao no it was a struggle, timeing became alot more important to me now, and soo enough i was bonating 200+ K factions a day..even stayed up one night no-lifeing the shiz outa mqsc...donated 2mil to title in a lil less than a day ;p

Well im guna try wrap this up, cos ur prolly all bored or alrdy gave up reading ^^..

being in Jade Reapers was it for me, i've experianced all the best and worst bits of Guildwars and really enjoyed every bit of it..(cept wipeing UW near the end) and that wouldnt have been possible without you guys, i thank you all for the best years of my gaming life (and my bro for the invite w/o that, i'd prolly not be playing at all;p)

Soo to Guildwars 2 & The Jade Reapers!!! HuZZaH!! HuZZaH!! HuZZaH!!
i'l see you all very soon, keep well untill then ^^

p.s i type faster than thinking so sorry for bad spelling and going on for long;p


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Re: Intro and JD info
« Reply #5 on: August 01, 2012, 03:48:36 pm »

WaZZZZaaaaHH! I'm Sverre Farnes. Born 26th of December 1995.
I was born in Norway and lives in Tønsberg.
At the moment I am studying Science at High School and have no idea what I will do later on.
I started gaming when I was about 6, when I got a ps2 and have kept on gaming ever since.
I've had a lot of fun whit a lot of different games. heroes 3, BFME whit Brute and yuber and of course, GW whit JD just to mention some.

Guild Wars:

I was swapping between a lot of guild in the beginning. I found a guild that I settled whit really quickly, but after a while I left it. I ended up in Night for a while and then I came here, to JD. I was not much of a talker in the beginning. Didn't really try to communicate in any way, until I won a Keg of Hunters Ale in a JD Winter party:P I won it, and later on when I needed some help, Brute started a conversation by asking me if I was the one winning the Keg at the party. From then on, the good times started. That was how I stopped being so shy and started chatting.
I joined JD during its golden age, about 4 years ago. I will always remember when I made my monk to join you guys in MQSC. That was maybe the best time in JD. It took a long time for me to get to MQSC whit my monk. But I did it. Oh, I have a lot of good memories from GW. CoF run, MQSC, UW fails, VQ whit Trixxy and Chaos. Ey, Mathias even gave me 100 z-keys to get my Zaishen Title! Well, the conclusion is. This guild is the best guild in GW ever made. During our golden age we dominated and I would love us to dominate in Guild Wars 2.
To wrap it all up. I've had a lot of good memories, and I cant wait to go back to TeamSpeak to chatt and play whit you guys.

See you all in Guild Wars 2.


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Re: Intro and JD info
« Reply #6 on: August 02, 2012, 02:22:48 pm »
Hiyaaaaa! Im Vaan you can call me.... Vaan.

Important information yo
  • My name is really Stephen Morris!
  • I'm sexy as fuarkkk!
  • I'm 21!
  • I live in Northern Ireland.... unfortunately
  • Studying computer science at uni
  • I played Guild Wars wayyy too much
  • Have 3 50/50 HoM accounts :<
  • I have been in JD for like agesss
  • Guild Wars is like the only game I play on PC but if you want me to rape you at anything on xbox my gamertag is dorris999
  • Did I mention I was sexy?


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Re: Intro and JD info
« Reply #7 on: August 03, 2012, 12:15:36 pm »

I'm Filip Svetec, aged 22, from Croatia and I'm currently doing nothing.
I've been a gamer since like Mario days, i've played alot of games found here when i was a kid. My professional gaming career started around 2006/2007 in Call of Duty 2. I was in one of the best clans in EU, rank #1 5v5 EU, top 3 3v3 EU and rank #1 1v1. We were well known in Europe and Croatia, and feared for  the most part haha, the best gaming days of my life to be honest :D


When i started playing GW i really can't remember, i think Xicer knows, because he is the reason i started
playing. I still remember the World Beta Nightfall event (my first time playing GW), and after that i fell in love with the game.
I think i didn't know what i was doing like one year after i started playing and about the stuff i can do, so
it was much fun learning new stuff every day haha, tbh Xicer helped alot.

My first guild was named LAG (lions arch guard) and i remember they had like 7 or 8 LAG guilds in the alliance , it looked amazing. And i had un playing with them as they were my first guild.
I really can't remember when or how i joined JD, but i think it was cos Xicer joined first so i went with him. Since then GW experience changed alot, i met alot of great ppl (I won't name you guys cos there are alot of you hahah ;) ).

I still remember the good old FFFA runs where every1 was doing the same thing and just standing outside the outpost doing nothing...and we had FUN doing it, 15mill factions...HzH and all of that was amazing. There were moments i stoped playing GW and changed to WoW (yes...yes i did), but i was always welcomed back to JD with no problem.

 I hope JD doesn't change in GW2 and that we will conquer everything there is!! BIG guild, BIG reputation, BIG parties, JD goes BIG all the way.
That's about it from me so, see you in less then a month in the new adventure that is Guild Wars 2.

Greets from Xiao!



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Re: Intro and JD info
« Reply #8 on: August 08, 2012, 10:54:43 pm »

=====About me=====

I'm Alan Lee.
Yeah that's it, don't feel like I need to give too much personal info out ヾ(^∇^)

=====Guild Wars & JD=====

Back in the early days I did not have the internet but saw a friend playing it and was convinced I wanted it. Without thinking I bought the game and ofcourse I could not play it without the internet ( ̄へ ̄)
I use to regularly hang out with another friend of mine at his place so I installed GW there and he would let me play it while I was around x)
Obviously I didn't get very far playing like this, things started to get sour and I couldn't continue playing like that.

One year later, I've finally convinced my family to get internet and I could finally play GW again. I deleted my previous character to start again only to learn I could've gotten a birthday present from it later..
( = ε´=。)

I joined the first guild I could find so I can get started again, me and the leader of that guild (called Dave) got along really well and we became good friends, we both left that guild to make our own known as [Enix]. It was pretty much just the two of us with so many other players being inactive but I did not mind, Dave was much more experienced than I was and he always helped me where ever I went.
I only had Prophecies back then and when Dave took his Koss hero with him I was like "wadafuq where you get afro man D:" and that was the point where I got both Factions and Nightfall aswell :)

Obviously Dave helped me blow through both campaigns and giving me green weapons and gave me all the money and materials to craft Primeval Armour. (yeah yeah I was poor back then thinking 10k was loads...) teaching me about Alliance Battles/FA/JQ etc

A short while after this, he told me he had an operation coming up and wasn't sure what would happen, he gave me all his money and made me the guild leader. Believing it was just a simple operation, I thought he'd come back after a week or so and I strived to do the best for [Enix] raising faction by myself and recruiting and forming allies hoping to surprise Dave when he comes back.
There was only so much I could do by myself between keeping up faction and helping inactive new players and eventually everything just came to a standstill.

Later I learned that Dave never made it and I was all alone in [Enix] (inactive players and mute players don't count :\)
I decided from this point that I'd try helping other random players showing the same courtesy that Dave showed me. Ofcourse that first player I helped at this point was Yuber :) he had pretty crappy looking armour at that time haha and found me with my Primeval Armour hehe. Shush this was years ago.
I helped him through missions and quests and I had a lot of fun, we also went through the Luxon side of the map (I hadn't been there at that point, chose Kurzick first :3) and I remember here that Yuber said he's joining another guild (Jade Reapers [JD]) because his current one was dying x)

At the time, I refused to leave [Enix] to go with Yuber into [JD] and carried on playing as usual. Oh and Yuber's advertisement for me to join [JD] was because they had a white cape and that it would match with my white dyed armour x)

Eventually, I thought I should move on and not dwell on the past anymore, I left [Enix] behind and accepted Yuber's invite to [JD]. And I'm glad I did, I met so many wonderful people and everyday was joyful and fun. I loved playing with everybody and talking to each other over teamspeak.

This was also during the times of FFF as Yuber has said, if you've read that and still reading at this point; if so here's a potato:
What? if you turn it sideways, it's clearly a potato. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

Carrying on, I then became officer after donating lots of faction, and from then I had an unforgettable experience with [JD] as others have said previously.

I love you guys and I want to be playing with everyone again in the future to make more memories in Guild Wars 2.
I'll see you there  :)

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Re: Intro and JD info
« Reply #9 on: August 12, 2012, 01:30:41 pm »
Hey, so my name is Sigurd Magelssen and I was born 11th January 1995.
I am currently settled in Tønsberg (same town as Farnes) and studying science at high school planing to become an Architect.

I believe I started gaming when I was like six years old or so, when the Gameboy Advance
came out and I got my first Zelda game. After that I have been playing many games, but I
have always liked the RPG-gender.


I joined guildwars 4 years ago. I had just recently moved to Tønsberg and Farnes convinced me to try out this awesome game he had. And after 10min in game I was sold! I think Farnes already at that point was a member of the Jade Reapers and got Trixxy to invite me to the guild. At the start I was, what you guys would call, at “mute”, but as the time went by I became more chatty.. I even believe I  was officer for a few months.

The last five months I have played very little GW. I have been to busy being existed for GW2.

Looking forward to play with you all.


One more thing, I just found out that my old username “Sigmagel” is an illegal name in GW2, because of copyrights so I have to come up with a new one, but my account is still Sigmagel so I don't think we will have any issues grouping up. ;)
PS: Sorry for the spelling and all that, but I'm from Norway. That explains everything.


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Re: Intro and JD info
« Reply #10 on: August 15, 2012, 10:02:30 am »
what the hell, I just realised I was so "in my own little world" that I somehow managed to post this to the completely wrong thread, i dunno how.

"I'm cynR, I'm omniscient.

Edit: I'll think of something cool to say when I'm not plastered."

but kay uhhh.

I'm Rory, I'm 24, living in Manchester.
Literally can't even remember when I started to game but i was like..small.

GW - JD:
I got it on release day, and ran home like a little school girl so excited, I'd powered thru about 15 chars before I finally settled on one that I liked.

Can't remember how I originally joined JD, maybe a message, I just remember the tag being JD simply being a part of it (who doesn't like JD? I like JD) but yeah, I was in JD for a long time, did BILLIONS of factions, was an officer on numerous occasions (my extended periods of leave kept getting me bumped back down), then i quit playing for about a year, came back and I'd been kicked! MUHFUQQAHZ! then I joined again, grinded to my 50/50, had a couple JD partays. I rarely play GW1 anymore, I'm too busy studying and straight up shooting people in the face!

What I Remember:
HFFF, I even had 2 accounts so I could smite for myself, sad eh? :P and all the super fantastic JD parties!


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Re: Intro and JD info
« Reply #11 on: August 24, 2012, 06:03:33 pm »
About me:

I'm Alex.

My JD History:

I joined JD in 2008, from a recruiting message that Brute was posting in Lutgardis. From there I HFFF'd a lot to max Kurzick, I originally intended to only stay until I finished my title but I soon realised what a great guild JD was. All my best memories in GW happened whilst in JD and with its great members, from the hundreds of fun guild MQSC runs, to guild runs in GVG, dungeons and missions etc, to Brute just shouting at noobs!

Although my main isn't currently in JD I've been here for almost 4 years in one way or another (2 accounts at the moment :P) and I've always tried to remain part of the guild in spirit at least. The atmosphere of JD is unlike any other guild I've been in, may the fun continue for many years with old friends and new ones that we gain along the way!

From the Wazaaa when someone logs on, to the HUZZAH when they donate faction, I've had a great time with all of you, may JD continue to kick ass!

I look forward to GW2 with everyone.  :D

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Re: Intro and JD info
« Reply #12 on: November 20, 2012, 04:18:48 pm »
Hey I'm Daniel, some of you may know me from Guild Wars 1, I played it since the beta!
I was a part of the TestKrewe, and a prominent community organizer for the game.
Here are some of my references;
And here is the NPC named after me;
I also caused catastrophic damage to the EOTN servers causing it to shut down and I stripped a GM of her powers with an elf tonic.

I always find introductions awkward out of character, so I'll just say a big HELLO and its nice to be here! :)


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Re: Intro and JD info
« Reply #13 on: March 05, 2013, 02:23:53 pm »
Me innit:
So! I'm Chris Jenkins. I'm 25 and from Wales UK. I now live in London where I'm an actor. I'm in a show on the West End at the moment... one written by Monty Python...  ;D ;D ;D. Let's just say, I frequently fart  in your general direction! I have a partner, he's an opera singer, french baritone. He's pretty amazingly talented.

Well I played Guild Wars 1 since the beginning and loved it!!! I played it for years mainly as my monk (Kurr Harria) - I've carried a lot of my names over to GW2. However, I then bought a Mac. Meaning it was pretty hard to play GW without having to do some Wine patching shit which just takes FPS down to something wonderful like 3. I remember seeing GW2 being announced and was skeptical about it all. It took SUCH a long time for it to come out, teasing people along the way with wallpapers, little videos etc etc. In the meantime I had jumped onto WoW as it worked on my Mac. What a load of crap that was. First thing I thought "I'm paying HOW MUCH?! for these graphics!!". Monthly subscriptions fees can go suck it. It got boring very quickly. So I sacked that off and went down the Wine route when GW2 was released. The FPS was shocking but it meant I got to play again and THEN ANet released the Mac Beta - praise them!!!! Granted, playing on laptop is not the best machine for this. It's a shame, I have reduced a lot of settings to get a decent FPS but I'm not gonna fork out tonnes of money for better graphics. Blah blah, I'm rambling. ANYWAY, I go through loads of guilds - all of them boring, no one online, I accidentally sign up to a US server. So I correct this. Get a UK server, go through 2 guilds and suddenly find you guys! What a relief. I popular, regular, active guild full of lush people!! Who could ask for more? I like the gaming ethic you guys have and I'm happy to be a Reaper. HUZZAH!!!!!
Kurr Sanctaidd - Guardian
Kurr Harria - Elementalist
Kurr Pen Tost - Warrior
Kurr Mindwarp - Mesmer
Kurr Marw - Necromancer


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Re: Intro and JD info
« Reply #14 on: March 05, 2013, 05:35:56 pm »
Welcome to the guild! :D nice comment you made! Happy you chose us! :)