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[ACCEPTED] Headlesshorselesshorseman.2098 / Yenneya
« on: September 24, 2018, 09:51:19 pm »
Name: Headlesshorselesshorseman.2098 / Yenneya
Country: Poland
Age: 22

On what server do you play: Ruins Of Surima

How often do you play:
 Everyday for few hours after work. Depending on the shifts it can be at the evening or morning.

What do you enjoy doing in gw2:
Pure PvE. I am hardcore player that is playing for over 4 years now and is focusing on efficient and quick clears of everything. First were dungeons, then fractals and since HoT - Raids. I've participated in low mans, daily clears etc. but after some time and Anet meta shifting it got boring and I left the game right after PoF dropped. Just came back to the GW2 after almost a year of break so still tuning in but I can see that not a lot changed. I've changed my pace and now I wanna slowly do some daily PvE activities like daily T4s, some meta events, some farming and also some nice and clean raids.

Why do you want to join JD:
I am looking for a place to stay and have fun with people. Just to log in with thought that I will have someone to say hi to and ask for T4 run or any other stuff. I've found you through guildex and to be fully honest I have zero information about you guys but I am man of big heart and have some faith in humanity left.

Previous guild/s: -
Do you have Discord: Yes

About me:
Not so quiet and talkative guy that is spending all his time in the reality of games, movies, books and god knows what else so basically same as every other person. I can be boring but I can also make people laugh and that depends if you can laugh about a lot of things. Currently working and studying. If you want to know something more - ask. Conversation is the best thing in the world but so many people still underestimate it.

Are you aware that Jade Reapers require 100% representation?

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Re: [ACCEPTED] Headlesshorselesshorseman.2098 / Yenneya
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2018, 05:29:13 pm »
Hi Hi, Invite has been send. Welcome to the Jade Reapers  8)