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Winter Wonder

Written by Bruticus on . Posted in Game News

The nights are getting darker and colder... we want to bring change to that tedious feeling. Jade Reapers will give you a warm and cheerful feeling in these cold dark nights!


Same as last year Jade Reapers are hosting the Winter Wonder Festival on December 27th, 2:30 PM CET in Divinity's Reach (EU).


Join in the fun! We are hosting several mini games and give away awesome prizes (main prizes: Precursor Storm and Howl).


Check out winterwonder.jade-reapers.com for other prizes and all the info you need! Happy Holidays and see you soon!

Jade Reapers 8th Birthday Party!

Written by Xicer on . Posted in Game News

jd bday2

As every year we want to welcome everybody from the Aurora Glade Server and European Region to our 8th Birthday Party which will be held on Sunday, July 6th at 3 PM GMT+1 and will last for about 3 hours in the city of Rata Sum: Idea Incubation Lab!


Some of you might remember our past parties in Guild Wars 2 and 1, we gave away Obsidian Armors, Precursors, and insane amount of prizes. But this time we decided to go bigger...this year we have something legendary in store for you!


Like always, it is our Birthday Party but its us who are giving out presents! Since we know that Precursors and Legendaries are very expensive, we decided to give out two special presents!  As some of you may have guessed by now, we are giving away a Legendary weapon - Moot ! And to make it even more sweeter we are giving away another Precursor which is already waiting for you in our guild bank!

Are those the only presents? No! There will be many more prizes to win! Ranging from Exotics, Gems,  Dyes, Rares, Ectos,  Tier 6 Materials and Mini pets.


By now you maybe wonder how to win those prizes? We prepared a lot of fun games/activities  in which you can participate in and get a chance of winning them! But, if you can’t make it or just don’t have an account in the european region, you can win the legendary from outside the game!


How to win the Legendary weapon?

Make a movie about the Jade Reapers it can be anything like for example a recruit video. Make a drawing of the Jade Reapers logo, members or something special. Photoshop a new Jade Reapers signature or something else. Write a story about Jade Reapers! Be creative, create something and surprise us.


Art isn't your thing? Make a video / photo / picture highlighting you and showing us why you and only you should win this Legendary!

Just make sure that all your creations are related to Jade Reapers. For Example: you can make the best drawings just make sure our logo or some text is in it so it's obviously related to the Jade Reapers.

You can send your creations to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or post it on our forums. All creations sent before, July 4th, 2014 will be accepted.


Jade Reapers Goodies - everything to get you started (Logo, emblem, fonts) - >> download here <<



Trivia, run in three parts with total of 24 questions,  where you will be tested on your Guild Wars 2 knowledge, so be sure to have wiki ready and your mind sharp!


Are you a fan of mystery? Then you may enjoy our Hide & Seek game, which involves sending players through Rata Sum in search for our hidden Agents with hints given out every minute. Find them and win some of our great prizes! Make sure to be fast, each Agent yields only one prize so speed and some tactic is needed.



Not a fan of mystery? Or don't like searching and wandering off? Then we have a game for you while you wait! Time to drink raw omnomberry juice and go against our best "Drunkards" in the game of Reapers Bluff! Defeat them and you might win a prize!


You think you got what it takes to be a real Brawler? Show your skills in our Costume Brawl Arena where players will be matched against each other and fight until the last man stands!


Are you a fan of races? Then you may enjoy our Jhemon's Puzzle Madness game, which involves sending players through a hard jumping puzzle style challange to a special spot in Rata Sum. The first three players to make it to the last rock will find themselves rewarded with some of our great prizes!



Ready to be bossed around by our guild leader? Just show how obedient you are and you might find yourself lucky enough to be awarded for it in this well known game of Evil Bruticus Says!


Come and stop by!

If none of the above are really your thing and you just want to come socialize and have fun with our amazing community and our Guild then there will still be plenty for you to do, such as interacting with our boxes of fun which are as the title suggests, really fun! Or you may want to set off some fireworks and make Rata Sum look gorgeous, participate in snowball fights or just show off your dance skills! 


If socializing isn't your thing either we will have buffs from banners, bonfires and a guild banquet for you to enjoy before heading back out to enjoy the game.






This community event is made possible by everybody from the Jade Reapers Guild.



For more info on activites and whole event visit our forum section here

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