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Jade Reapers Halloween party 2017

Written by Bruticus on . Posted in Guild News

Welcome once again to the spookiest party of the year! Jade Reapers Halloween party! The party will be once again open for the whole community and held on Saturday October 28th - 8 PM CEST in Lion's Arch.


This year’s party will be fierce and awesome as always. We have of course wonderful prizes like Exotics weapons/armorRare weapons/armorEcto’sMini pets and YES...precursors! This years precursors will be The Bard and Frostfang.


Join our discord server - https://discord.gg/cPYTFXS or keep an eye on our website. See you there!

Jade Reapers Halloween party 2017!

Written by Xicer on . Posted in Guild News



Trick or treat!!! Welcome once again to the spookiest party of the year! Jade Reapers Halloween party! The party is open for the whole community and will be held on Saturday, October 28th - 8 PM CEST in Lion's Arch and is expected to run for about 3 hours.


It's a JD party and a JD party always comes with wonderful prizes for you like Exotics weapons/armor, Rare weapons/armor, Ecto’s, Mini pets and ofcourse...PRECURSORS! This time it will be The Bard and Frostfang!


Of course those prizes are not so easy to get! We prepared a lot of fun games/activities in which you can participate in and get a chance of winning them!


Some of the activities we have planned for you are Trivia, where you will be tested on your Guild Wars 2 knowledge, so be sure to have wiki ready and your mind sharp!


Are you a fan of mystery? Then you might enjoy our Hide & Seek game, which involves sending players through Lion's Arch in search for our hidden Agents with hints given out!  Find them and win some of our great prizes! Speed, tactic and knowledge is needed because one Agent only holds prizes for the fastest players to find him!


Are puzzles more a thing for you? Then try our Scavanger Hunt game. Based on 7 questions which have to be answered via mail within 15 minutes. In order to find the right answers you will have to visit various locations in Lion's Arch and research. The first 10 people who send all the right answers will be rewarded.


Not a fan of mystery? Don't like searching and wandering off? What about jumping? Simple and easy, be among the first ones to reach our Agent at the end of the Jumping Puzzle and wins awesome prizes.


Love dressing up? Join our Most scary competition, where members of JD will be looking around for the individuals that stand out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons! Experiment with dyes, mess around with different armour pieces and you may just be rewarded for looking scary!


Ready for to be bash people around in the scariests costumes out there? Join our Costume Brawl. First person who gets 3 crowns and shouts “I AM THE KING/QUEEN” wins the match!


Don't be shy! 

If none of the above are really your thing and you just want to come socialize and have fun with our amazing community and our Guild then there will still be plenty for you to do, such as interacting with our boxes of fun which are as the title suggests, really fun! Join our discord, listen to music, laugh have fun and participate in discords raffles to win additional prizes.


If socializing isn't your thing either we will have buffs from banners, bonfires and a guild banquet for you to enjoy before heading back out to enjoy the game.


How to make sure I don't miss the event? 

Join our discord server - https://discord.gg/cPYTFXS or keep an eye on our website. See you there!




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