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New event schedule

Written by Bruticus on . Posted in Guild News

Hello Reapers, as you know we promised some changes at the open Guild meeting. The first update is already done. How does it work? Simple, just login and look at the rightside of the frontpage.


All event info will be up on a calender. You can see the first upcoming events and when you press view all events you can see all planned events! Hope you are all happy with this new update! I certainly am!


See you all ingame. Best regards, Evil Bruticus

Winter Wonder Event

Written by Xicer on . Posted in Guild News

The nights are getting darker and colder... we want to bring change to that tedious feeling. Jade Reapers will give you a warm and cheerful feeling in these cold dark nights!


Celebrate Winter Wonder with us! Let’s start 2015 with a blast to remember. Join us and have the time of your life! More info on the official website winterwonder.jade-reapers.com

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