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Name:  Jade Reapers [JD]  ||  Leader:  Evil Bruticus  ||  Focus:  PvE | WvW | PvP | Semi-Hardcore  ||  Region: EU  ||  Server: Aurora Glade

Who we are!

Jade Reapers are an European international guild on Aurora Glade server. In Guild Wars 2 our focus is on creating a community that essentially welcomes everyone to it, Male, Female, Casual, Hardcore, new to the genre or an MMO Veteran.


We are doing several  Dungeons every day, sPvP, Event farming, Guild Missions and more. We also tend to follow a tradition from GW1 wich is hosting in game events and giving out prizes to people who participate.


The guild has researched a lot of upgrades in a short time and we offer access to guild bank/trove and many guild boosts durning all week for our members. Also we unlocked all Guild Missions.


Currently  we are looking for active members who love to participate in any of the various segments of Guild Wars 2 gameplay. We have a stable core of Commanders and Veterans who are very active and allways happy to help out other members and new members.


We feel that every player should be able to join our guild, given they can contribute to the guild as a whole in some way and improve the experience for everyone in the Guild.


Tackling content and accomplishing amazing things with a group of like-minded people and friends is far more rewarding than playing with strangers, after all, we aren't just a guild, we are a community!


Jade Reapers were created around 2006. in Guild Wars 1 mostly as a Faction Farm Guild. Farming factions was our main goal and we did it only by doing Alliance Battles. Of course this was extremly hard but with hard work we still had around 700k Factions.

With time we kept growing and at one point we had over 40 active members online at daily base. The glory days or better said The Golden Age of Jade Reapers was with the FFF and HFFF period. We created our own alliance and owned mostly all outposts in the game and later joined the biggest alliance and owned HZH and later Cavalon for over a year.

Our members donated over 200k per member daily and at one point we hade over 15 Million Factions solo as a guild. We were loved by many and also cursed by many!

With time we bonded, became great friends and colleagues with the same fire in us,  the fire that represents [JD].

Our last years of Guild Wars we spent organizing big events, parties and helping ppl push it through and finish their HoM.

And now the time is right the time to do it all over again in Guild Wars 2 and claim the same fame we once had.

Member quotes:

„Pretty much grew up here as this guild has seen me through my last few highschool years and college....“

„I think i can freely say that Jade Reapers made Guild Wars an unforgettable experience and i know JD is ment for more ...„

„Being in Jade Reapers was it for me, i've experianced all the best and worst bits of Guild Wars and really enjoyed every bit of it..(cept wipeing UW near the end) and that wouldnt have been possible without you guys, i thank you all for the best years of my gaming life....“

„Ofcourse I wouldn't have been in the guild for so long if it wasn't for the members in it who i'd consider a second family (I know, you can cry it's alright) and...and...and I love you guys :3...“

„This guild is the best guild in GW ever made...“

„...BIG guild, BIG reputation, BIG parties, JD goes BIG all the way... “

„I have been playing MMORPGS for years but first in millennium i met such nice people in gaming. Really love this guild.

How to join?

To join us, please apply on our forums on the following link -> Apply Now!