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Jade Reapers and friends land a successful kill on Tequatl!

Written by Xicer on . Posted in Guild News

Alot of our members showed interest in killing Tequatl but we just were not yet ready to do it! Today we finally decided to organise a "Test run" with JD and friends from AG.


We can proudly say that we landed a Tequatl kill on our very first test run! HuzZah and good job Reapers and everyone who joined, lets hope this is the first of many! Special thanks to Lannah for organising!  Check some pics our members did: Album 1 | Album 2

Jade Reapers Tequatl Test Runs!

Written by Xicer on . Posted in Guild News

"Brothers! Sisters! Reapers! Ready yourselves! Tequatl is here!". Yes you've read it right, Jade Reapers have decided to take down Tequatl the Sunless. We are not talkin about a community run here, we are talkin about Jade Reapers and their friends tackling down the beast of Sparkfly Fen.


But before this becomes a routine we have to make sure that everyone knows what to do, so we are starting with our test runs this Sunday, March 2nd before our weekly Guild Missions so make sure to be there. For questions and information on tactics use the forum.

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