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The Wickerwind Carnival

Written by Xicer on . Posted in Guild News

Get ready for the Wickerwind Carnival a grand and unique community event which unlike most events is hosted in a storybook fashion going on from April 19th - 28th. Since we are the offical supporting guild for this event, providing hundreds of helpers and staff, as well as funds and exterior support this makes you our dear members a big part of it.


All the information about how to help, donations and more can be found on our forums. Also make sure to check the offical website and keep track with the event, because who knows what rewards it may yield for you.

Jade Reapers Fun Day!

Written by Bruticus on . Posted in Guild News

Gather up Reapers, because on Saturday March 23rd we are having a guild Fun Day. A full day where all our guild members will team up and kick ass through the worlds of Tyria! And as the day comes to an end we are going to have a huge Party with Trivia, costume brawl, box's of fun and more!! 


World events - Whole day  |  Dungeons - whole day  |  Guild Bounty - 3 pm GMT  |  Guild Trek - 5 pm GMT  |  WvW - 7 pm GMT

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